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To Be Connected

Since our start in 2007, the Dutch company To Be Connected has developed itself into a full IT service organization for retailers. The company began by developing and producing specific Point of Sale hardware for large retailers, which increased the reliability of store IT and significantly reduced the amount of support needed.

Throughout the years, we have extended this reliability philosophy to the complete store IT and backend systems of our retail customers. By practicing this approach for so many years, reliability has become part of our company's DNA, enabling our customers to benefit from their IT infrastructure in the best possible way.

We can support you throughout Europe and are independent of hardware or software. So, talk to us and see what we can do for your retail organization.

Our Services

Our Service Offering in Europe

Service Desk

Service Desk

Onsite Service

Onsite Service

Onsite Service

Dedicated Cloud Solutions

Onsite Service

Dedicated Cloud Solutions

  • Redundant Backend Systems

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Endpoint Protection

  • Running on Your Dedicated Server Hardware

  • Your Data is and Stays in Europe


  • POS Implementation Project Management

  • POS Software Testing

  • Interface and Middleware Design

  • Omnichannel Implementation

  • Infrastructure Design

  • Onsite Repair

  • Rollout of POS and Infrastructure

  • Control of Your Spare Parts

  • RMA Processing with Third Parties

Service Desk

  • Multi-Language Servicedesk as a Single Point of Contact

  • Open 365 Days a Year as a Single Point of Contact

  • Brand Independent

  • SLA Agreement Fine-tuned to your Needs

  • First and Second Line Support

Our Experience



Currently, we work for a variety of retailers with 100 to 1000 store locations. All of these retailers have trusted us for many years on the subjects mentioned under Our Service Offering.

We appreciate their business and understand that our job is in the background.

So, get to know us, and we will ensure that you can talk to our existing customers and get references from real people in line with your project or support needs!

Work With Us To Your Advantage

Work With Us
To Your Advantage

Let To Be Connected be your single point of contact for all your store locations. No matter the subject, our staff will resolve the IT problem or contact the correct party to resolve the issue.

We have no secrets, so work with us in our ticket environment and see live what is happening and how we perform within your retail chain.

If needed, let us fine-tune your environment and ensure that not only happy flows work in your front and back ends.

Work with us, and we will keep pushing to reduce your IT service requests and increase the uptime of your front and back-end systems.

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